Get Gmail ( java ) and Opera Mini to work on Samsung star or Tocco lite

This is for all those who have not been able to get the Gmail app to work on your Samsung Star Phone. Do NOT forget the read the section that is labeled "Important" especially if you use a Samsung Phone.

For starters you need to have an internet access account with your mobile service provider such as T-Mobile, Airtel or Etisalat or any provider who offers the GPRS service.

Second your set should be Java enabled

Should have enough memory.

First install the 2.0 version of Gmail

At this point you will get error that tells you that you do not have the "appropriate certificate".

Then install the 1.5 version (

This does the tick.

What is better is , now you can install opera mini as well.

When you start an unsigned java app on your phone to protect your privacy it will ask you want to allow the application to connect to the internet. Choose end-call ( right soft key). If you are not using the Samsung touch screen phone choose yet / ok / enter. On the Samsung phone, This will cause the application to ask you if you want to quit , simply choose no. Remember that you will need to do this a ton of times in the initial week ( it is frustrating ) but keep at it and you will succeed. I had to do it approx 20 times.

Also note, it is ideal to remove the proxy setting on the Airtel Mobile office. It slow the request down or kills it.

Relaiable Development Companies in India

Just wanted to list down some reliable software development and companies in India.

Infosys - Banking related and SAP
Wipro - Systems related and SAP
Real Consulting - Web Site Development
Mind Tree - Telco related
NIIT - Good Co work for.