PHP Goes HipHop

PHP Performance has particular point of interest for many developers and companies. All the more true for FaceBook the second largest* site on the internet.

Facebook recently released HPHP (HipHop).

Supposedly, Facebook sees about a 50% reduction in CPU usage when serving equal amounts of Web traffic when compared to Apache and PHP. Facebook’s API tier can serve twice the traffic using 30% less CPU. Not Bad Eh?

Final result : A binary with a built in web server. Note: It does not process .htaccess yet.

HipHop has been developed on CentOS and Fedora, building on other operating systems may not currently be functional. Support will be added as soon as its ready.
At the moment, HipHop can only run on 64 bits systems.

HipHop currently supports PHP version 5.2 and will be updated to support 5.3.

Should be on debian soon.

HipHop for PHP transforms PHP source code into highly optimized C++. It was developed by Facebook and was released as open source in early 2010.

You will need the following to build

* cmake 2.6 is the minimum version
* g++/gcc 4.1 is the minimum version
* Boost 1.37 is the minimum version
* flex
* bison
* re2c
* libmysql
* libxml2
* libmcrypt
* libicu 4.2 is the minimum version
* openssl
* binutils
* libcap
* gd
* zlib
* tbb Intel's Thread Building Blocks
* Oniguruma

Modifications/ Patches

* libcurl
* src/third_party/libcurl.fb-changes.diff
* libevent 1.4
* src/third_party/libevent.fb-changes.diff

Pretty Nifty and Pretty Uber Cool !!

Go HipHop!