OffShore and outsourced Projects

Off-Shoring Projects
Projects are offshored for many reasons such as derth of people in a given technlogy, cost , location of client and a whole lot more. For whatever reason you are outsourcing it, the key factor is successful implementation.

There are two varieties of outsourced / offshored Projects
  • Self-mananged and
  • Client Managed.

In Both the models start out wiht having faith.

Don't Fire people in the first week : They need to audjust to your style of doing things.

Language: People mess up when they speak. Dont watch the words. Understnd the meaning.

Adopt small mouldes .Use Xtreme Pograming or Agile techniques to get control over the tasks.

Last but not the least Have a Mentor.
To achieve success start with the best foot forward. Have Faith ! Oh yes !


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