Java Server Faces (Whats that ?)

JavaServer Faces technology simplifies building user interfaces for JavaServer applications. Developers of various skill levels can quickly build web applications by: assembling reusable UI components in a page; connecting these components to an application data source; and wiring client-generated events to server-side event handlers.

Currently, Sun is responsible for the reference implementation, which will work with any standard servlet container. They also support JSF in their recently announced NetBeans-based rapid application development tool, Java Studio Creator. Creator 1.0 was recently released at JavaOne in June of 2004.

Sun isn't the only member of the expert group, though. It includes key IDE and J2EE vendors, including IBM, Borland, BEA, Macromedia, Apache Software Foundation, Oracle, and many others. Oracle has announced support for JSF in an upcoming version of JDeveloper. Borland has also announced support, and IBM has also added full support for JSF 1.0 to WebSphere Studio 5.1.2, which is currently available. Most of the other members have made their intentions of supporting JSF known. To keep up with the latest JSF products, check out the products page or subscribe to the products RSS feed.


mindlan said...

Java Server Faces or JSF is now older technology where on JSF is linked with other JSF. In current time Spring is Optimized version of JSF.

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