Soultion to problem of mounting external disk drives on Virtual Box on Mac OS.

Hey All !

Are you a Mac OS user ( Lion Possibly).  Did you ever think of virtual-izing the Win XP / Wind 7 on your machine with VirtualBox. Well then you have seen that the External drives ( thumb or external HDD) do not turn up or are greyed out ? How annoying !!  I have lost a ton of time on that.

Edit :

Looks Like i am not the only one.

Well after a bit of reading forums and and experimenting here is what i realized / learnt.

Note: VirtualBox (VB) will re-create /dev/vb* entries every boot ! Why ???  

So any permission set on this via command line will be lost.

To get your device to work you will need to do the following

Create a file called in your home directory.

# I call this by the name

sudo kextunload -b
#sudo kextunload -b
#sudo kextunload -b
# note the commented code above un-comment if you find the kext is not revived.

sudo open -a
Note : Unmount and unplug your device first.
Once that happens. Plug in your device only after the VB fully loads.

Try running this with sudo sh ./ in the terminal .

next time you want it unplug the device after unmount and restart VB via the script!

Best of luck


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