Agile Project Management Vocabulary

Customer: the person or group defining the need for the system.

Story: a feature or capability of the system that a customer values.

Estimate: the cost (usually time) to implement a story. In XP, estimates are relative; a story is estimated as costing 1 to 3 "story points."

Programmer: the person or group that estimates and implements stories.

Team: the customers, programmers, and managers who are jointly working on the system.

Release: delivery of system (usually to end users).

Exploration: part of the release cycle: when customers create stories, and programmers estimate them.

Iteration: part of the release cycle: a fixed-length time for implementation of stories. An iteration is time-boxed: if all stories can’t be completed, stories are dropped rather than the iteration extended.

Release Plan: a flexible, overall plan that tells which stories are expected in which iteration, for a whole release.

Iteration Plan: a small plan that tells which features are expected in the current iteration.


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