Steps In eXtreme Programming

User stories are written.
In this phase, a 'Small Spec' is written out. It often includes the developers too.Not just the functional team.

::FACT:: There can huge advantages of not writing a whole lot in the Spec. That does not mean you miss conveyaing the requirement. This is because the reality in Project Management is that People Know what they really want only after they see half the piece.

It is a bit like shopping for the decoration items for you house. It takes a while before the customer can see what he wants. This is very true if the company /project is less than 10 years old. And the fact is there are a lot of them.

:: FACT :: Dont Jump Into Coding ! Read the User Story.

Iteration Planing Plan a small increment /changes
Helps Make Make frequent small releases.

Release planning creates the schedule.

Small releases Help Track Bugs and helps you to plan for them.

Note : Track Your Project :: But Don't Mess up the happyness of your developers! Have faith in them. ::

Note :: Plan Buffers and track Buffer Absorbtion a the Project Level. ::


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