Java: Not Just a Technology

Java And Xtreme Programming are a Two to Tango :

Xtreme Programming: is the result of certain Amount of settling down that takes palce in the SDLC models. It can be skinny or Massive . The Process is after all defiend by you

Java: has been around for a while and most of us know it as a programming language alone. The Programmer will be quick to tell you that it is a Language. That is true ! But that is not all.

Java is :
IT is a Programming Language
An Embed Systems
and Virtual Machine

and for many of us a Entire new way of Thinking.

Most of the people would tell you 'I Love it ', and I'm no Exception :) .

The Most Happening thing these days (Mar 2005) is J2SE 1.5 (a.k.a )

Tiger (Lots of new Trick with this cat.)


and a Interoperablity between Java and .NET

J2EE on the other hand is a Java Standardization method for Enterprise Apps

I will soon Be soon adding some Info on my site / this blog . Keep reading


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